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Recent corrections

  1. System says collateral is missing relationship (this is fixed as of yesterday)
  2. Letters associated to perpetrators and assessment data sets

Issues we know about and will be addressed in a patch over the weekend:

  1. Changing from supervisor role to worker role and back (quick link)
  2. Date format on grids back to MM-DD-YYYY
  3. Trying to close out the investigation (won't close) - the panel is not showing the supervisor what is wrong
  4. Search results hard to get to open / scrolling - this is the part one update
  5. Timestamp on report received (recent intakes)
  6. HCBS label (currently says IHSS)

Items to be addressed next week:

1. Cross reporting document - the previous version in the older system was not accessible (the font was too small).  The new document has some challenges and JUMP is still modifying the format to remove some of the extra space and ensure that all of the bookmarks are populating. 

2. Reducing the number of results returned in search

3. The alleged perpetrator lookup

4. Adding navigation to inboxes that open the dashboards and quicknumbers for daily operational reports

 Worker Role



 System Administrators


A recent browser (Chrome, Edge) update has caused the box resizing function to be disabled when the form controls are disabled.  This is affecting supervisors who are reading lengthy interview narratives and want to resize the box to read the whole narrative..  JUMP will modify the system to return the functionality which has been impacted by the browser.   A release will be announced within the next 30 days.  In the interim, please use the Summary tab to read all of the interview details. (the button next to the interview inputs).

Investigation Summary - It has been reported that intake assessments do not print on the investigation summary. This will be included in LEAPS 5.0 but the current work around is to print this data from the intake summary (Intake tab on the referral).

Printing Intake Summary Forms, We are currently investigating issues related to printing intake forms.  We suspect the issue is that one user is trying to print while another user is making changes to the intake such as splitting a companion case.  The In Screening tab allows you access to print a 341, but users should be aware if another user is currently making changes to that intake report, they may experience unexpected system behavior.  Please align your procedure so that intakes are completed and submitted before printing..  Intake Supervisors should not access an intake report if the intake worker is actively working on the report.

Uploading files from mobile  The system does not currently support uploading video files.   We are aware of exceptions due to the file size being too large.  The system may not be informing the user that video files are not allowed.  Uploading static images should not cause users an issue, however.


This recent webinar explains the mission of the new framework and discusses the timeline.



Statio Portal Sharing  Training with Program Staff

Latest Version Information


00:00 Capstone Lookup (Montana feature)

05:38 Resources tab at intake

06:00 Intake narrative character counter


06:38 Documents tab

06:47 Return to Intake notes

07:44 I&R email notifications to worker


08:44 Time Entry modifications

10:00 Custody/Guardianship activities since document


12:36 Clerical can edit alleged perpetrator details


13:43 Assessment setup for custody/guardianship assessments

14:27 Setup workers to receive new assignment emails

14:53 Setup “return to intake” note types

15:45 Today’s Numbers - additional reports


Other Recent Updates


0:00 Intake/General Updates

14:58 Screening

18:23 Investigation

28:40 Supervisor

31:34 Clerical/Program Admin

32:39 System Administrator

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