LEAPS for California Support Page

GENERAL FAQ (Not Errors)  Last Updated 11/18/2023

  1. The SOC 242 will 0s in your counts for last month if you are looking at it before the 12th or if you had outstanding intakes from the previous month when the archive ran on the 12th.  You'll need to process your outstanding intakes.  The archive job will attempt to run again on the 13,15,17,19,21,23,25,26, and 27.  If you wait until after the 27th, you'll need to ask for an intervention from JUMP and processing timeline could be 7 days.
  2. The In Screening tab is not the tab for intake staff to access and submit their draft intakes.  Please refer to this page
  3. The PDF attached to public reports was not submitted by the reporter.  This was a copy made by LEAPS of the report so that if it was changed by the intake worker you would have a reference. A framework incompatibility has caused some issues with the intake solution and PDFs created between now and this weekend will not actually exist.  This will cause a 404 error (file not found).  This is not a loss of the reporter submission.  This is only an issue with LEAPS internal functionality.
  4. The system is a responsive layout.  You don't need to zoom in.  It will respond to the size and orientation of your device.  The old system layout was 800 x 600 which was optimized for devices that existed in 2010.  You might want to adjust the resolution on your monitor if you are set to 800 x 600.  (Talk with your IT Support).  Some users are not noticing that they are zoomed in. If you see the magnifying glass in your address bar, you are not at 100%.  Click to adjust the setting.  
  5. LEAPS mobile friendly screens are the same as they were before the rollout in that these are specific screens for field staff.  There is not a functionality change.   Using the main LEAPS system on a mobile device is different than using mobile friendly screens.  Because the layout has changed, using the desktop version of LEAPS on a mobile device is something users will need to adapt to. 
  6. Scrolling too much   Your zoom is off.  See #3 above to fix your browser setting.
  7. Remember that your totals and upcoming assignments are now on your Inbox in the worker role.  It may take some adjustment, but you won't need to sort and work through your investigations list to figure out what is next.  It's on your calendar in your Inbox as a worker.
  8.  If you don't have a caseload, you won't have anything in mobile.  This is the same as in the old system.
  9. If you want to merge a report, the investigation you want to merge into must be assigned and accepted by the primary worker.  This is the same as the old system.
  10. Phone number formatting The control works the same way the old system did to mask the phone number.  If you are copying and pasting a formatted phone number, click into the box, hold CTRL + A on your keyboard then CTRL + V.
  11. The menu items on the left are the same as the tabs at the top of the old system with the exception of the new inboxes which show you totals for your assigned work for the week.

Staff who were not trained by JUMP may struggle more with orientation  "I usually click here, I go here, etc" vs "Click on the New Reports tab.  Select the pencil.  Click the Accept button.."  They should use the self directed learning modules.  Admins should contact JUMP if they do not have the learning modules.


A new release is being prepared.  There are some new optional features and a few defect corrections.  We will publish release review materials by 11/30/2023.  The new version is set to install on 12/17/2023.

Important!  There is an issue with the Send to APS Intake button on the Client Details tab.  Some users are hitting their Enter key on this screen instead of clicking the Save button.  It fires the Send to APS Intake button and they are not able to successfully cancel out.  You will need to delete the draft they create from the Admin tab or have the user delete it from their Draft Intakes tab.


LEAPS was updated this morning to address the following issues:

  1. Date format in search results and grids
  2. Exception when adding a note In Screening (user has multiple windows open)
  3. Missing AP lookup at Intake
  4. System allowing users to try to merge before client lookup
  5. Response description limited to 75 characters
  6. Service plan summary not showing the accepted indicator
  7. Summary view of intake from All Drafts to prevent assigning to Intake Supervisor
  8. Merged reports not printing correct version of the intake report
  9. Backup worker assignments on investigations not showing in worker new referrals list
  10. Service type drop down causing NAMRS List confusion for states

Our next priority is to adjust the search alleged victim tool to improve and increase the efficiency of the search results.  We will be preparing a new features release starting next week which will include updates for Program Admin quick numbers, California Public Guardian accounting new features, and Utah QA automation and reporting.


LEAPS was updated to address

  1. The popup was not showing to Supervisors when trying to complete an investigation and there were edits to the findings.
  2. Some notes were not showing/hidden as if they were private notes and they were not.
  3. Some dates may have been updated in the grids.  Work will continue until all are restored to MMDDYYYY format.
  4. New for California Supervisors - There is a quick link to add yourself as the backup worker and enter the case from the overview in the worker assignment area.  Try it out!
  5. Date time on Overview Received Date was off
  6. The calendar was not showing for some of the tasks on the overview
  7. Added a vertical scroll bar to search results, added a link to the received date to open the report so that users don't have to scroll.


LEAPS was updated this week to address

  1. Printable intake now has a new formatted document which prints fewer pages
  2. Case closure assessment approval note was cuttong off
  3. Recent intakes did not have the timestamp
  4. Vulnerabilities were not copying from intake at screening
  5. Clerical staff couldn't create assessments on closed reports
  6. Corrected display issues on the intake summary
  7. Corrected Humboldt SDM opening the support manual on radio button click
  8. Font on several pages
  9. Moved links to the left in the grid for supervisors viewing in mobile
  10. Removed required indicator on end date in service plan

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This morning's patch includes:

  1. SDM change to NTD reason display (cannot select NTD reason)
  2. Service plans can be approved if items added after supervisor approval
  3. Intake letter drop downs loading the correct list
  4. Interview time saving corrected
  5. Grid that manages Case Review is repaired
  6. Assessments delete restricted
  7. Supervisor tools not working


We have applied a patch to address:

  1. Contrast issues for accessability
  2. Supervisor chart latency
  3. Duplicate physical abuse allegations
  4. Some of the letter merge fields are not displaying properly
  5. Grid sorting defaults and columns


Our newest patch

  • Shows the entire situation reported on the intake summary
  • Handles characters and line break codes on situation reported output
  • Prevents future dates in the interviews
  • Repairs aps allocation on the user table (previously reported as repaired but still had an issue)


This morning's patch addressed urgent items:

  1. Companions not getting their F2F task
  2. APS Allocation was being lost on user record updates
  3. Interviews should not allow a future date

While it was reported that users were not getting a prompt before deleting their assessments, we have confirmed that the popup box is warning them.


The previous version of the investigations grid has been restored

The following issues are resolved:

  1. Referrals under investigation grid for APS Worker role  ***EDIT - we have rolled back this change because it was incompatible with the milestone due dates
  2. Grids limited to 25 rows
  3. Timestamps not sorting
  4. Clerical role assessments after closed
  5. PG reports from time log
  6. Admin edit worker history should allow you to add a worker
  7. Bulk reassignment of RIDS
  8. Size of CID box in lookup enlarged

We are still working on:

  1. Supervisor inbox charts slow or not loading
  2. Default sorts of grids


We have confirmed an issue in the merge area related to reporter information not appearing when a letter is printed from the merged report.  This is due to the reporter flag not carrying over from the intake.  We are currently verifying all fields at merge and will be releasing a future update to address the issues.


A new installation was completed this morning.  These items are resolved:

  1. Cross county reporting is now working properly
  2. Interviews at intake
  3. Backup worker assignments
  4. General tasks t